Super Bowl

You feel you are really touring when you start feeling homely feelings in places where you have never been. This is happening to me right now, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been here playing before. I have even probably this same exact place. But all days are different and you can’t afford the luxury of memory all the time. Thus, the familiar sensations.

This tour has been a cool tour. It was a hard process to get here, full of legal tribulations, accounts on red, anxiety. But the shows are being passionate and naked of any great light effects or optimal conditions, Moonspell is a different beast. One that bites.

Right now, it’s killing time, too cold outside, maybe I will try that dry shampoo after all.

I watched Super Bowl. Danced with the Devil. Missed my true home. Stiff upper lip.



One thought on “Super Bowl

  1. Fernanda Henriques

    We all dance with the devil, somehow… It’s just the way it goes. Be the beast now, so when you return home, you can be even more a man.


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