I wait for you to welcome you, in my dreamworld, my water eyes…

To everyone who will visit my new blog, introductions first: My name is Fernando Ribeiro and I am from Portugal. I am the singer of a Metal band called Moonspell. We have been together for over twenty years now. I like to share my ideas, thoughts, afflictions, my darkness and my hope with respectful, intelligent people who might or not already follow my work.

I have been taken to bed with a high fever and exhaustion from work for a couple of days and spent my hours thinking. Not all of this thinking is good for me, I must admit. I am 39 now and sometims it’s hard to cope with the anxiety and the speed of time which runs against us after we turn into adults. I have a son, Fausto. He is 18 months old and he is everything for me. I have a lovely wife,Sonia, who is also a singer but in a Pop band. Our little own family is all I live for. I am fortunate to have them.

I will go on tour in a week. It starts in Prague and if all goes well ends in Beijing, China. It’s like a Jules Verne novel, almost. I have been doing this touring life since 1995. Portuguese are homesick by definition. I am Portuguese. My kid stayed with my mom because I am ill and my wife she is working. As I put up years, missing them became more intense. Of course I love what I do. But sometimes, people waste my time. Now, everything has to be worth. Every show. Every travel. Every minute outside.

I had a rough week. I started a blog.

Until a next time,




9 thoughts on “I wait for you to welcome you, in my dreamworld, my water eyes…

  1. The Wyldest of Kats

    Feel better, Fernando. Thank you for starting this blog and allowing us, your fans, to take a glimpse into the man and the band we all love so much. Please remember to balance & rest so you can stay around for a few more years. Love & well wishes to you & your lovely family. Rest up so you can have your baby boy back in your arms & we can all see that proud father smile again.

  2. Teresa

    Desejo as melhoras do grande (não só em altura) Fernando Ribeiro. Estas próximas semanas vão ser de ir à loucura com tanta viagem e “jet-lag”. Mas de certeza de que no fim vais sentir-te realizado. Eu sei que com 39 (eu tenho 40) o nosso timming de recuperação não é o que era mas….somos da geração de 70…conseguimos resistir quase a tudo!!!

  3. Fernanda Henriques

    Portuguese and proud, Fernando. Spread the word. We’ll hear it. Fortunate to be a small part of Moonspell’s life, as in the autograph you wrote on one of my (your) books. I hope the best for the tour, for us all. You are fortunate, “brother of 1974”. I guess you know that better than anyone. See you very soon. Under the Moonspell.

  4. Meri

    I just wish i could pack all the places and people i know into one.

    Time is a strange thing, it passes by us like light trough glass, and before we realize, yesterday was 18 years ago, and tomorrow is already today. Time comes, but whatever happens, people and places stay inside our hearts and we take them everywhere we go. And suddenly it’s time again, we’re there again, and even if we’re happy where we are, we always miss yesterday and tomorrow, and sometimes it just seems they are all the same, and we no longer know what’s now, because the moment we think of it it’s already past, and when we remember the past it becomes now, so it turns into future.

    It’s like seasons, cyclical, and every season has its own beauty. In autumn the trees loose their leaves, it starts getting cold, foggy and rainy. People spend more time in their homes, and surely think more about their loved ones. Plus.. there was a full moon recently, the “hunter’s/bloody moon”. But after autumn comes winter, and in spring everything goes back to life again.

    When i’m about to leave a place i love, with people i love, i always have that strange feeling. when will i come back? how will it be? will i see my loved ones again? and i always know things will never be the same again, and i don’t want to leave. Suddenly i’m not there anymore. And there i am again.

    Behind every person on earth, no matter who she/he is, there’s a human being. we all have identical needs and feelings, no matter what. And we all have a (broken) heart.

    Focus on getting healthy, and plan your family a good surprise so you can spend some quality time together before your tour starts. And soon new energies will come. Even if you’re homesick sometimes you’ll get the tour mood in no time. And still if you get bored, try to find something new about every place you’ve been to. Have a green cap and a matching jumper always on your bag, for when you want to get unnoticed and confused as a “regular tourist” and dare to explore a new area of the city or search for a particular kind of store to buy gifts.

    And before you realize, “tomorrow” has come, and you’re here again, giving lots of love to your family and sharing interesting stories.

    Keep your head up, behind every cloud there’s always sunshine,

    Soon better days will come to you.

    Big hugs

  5. an italian hanged man

    i think that people like you can save a little bit of the world every day.
    because with your poetry you can open eyes, because with your voice you can touch hearts.
    i was so lucky to meet you 2 times (in a concert and only some month later in Sintra.you with your son, I with my father).
    the best wishes for all!for you and for Moonspell!
    the way is so hard.fire, ice. fear. le mal de vivre. but under spell we can change the world.also thank to 5 great portuguese musicians

  6. H_E_L

    Get well soon, Fernando! I hope you will feel better tomorrow and we can have a beer after the concert in Prague.
    I am sure the tour will go well – wow, Russia, China – you must be really excited! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Mahzer

    So hope you get to feeling better Fern.. Have seen you before, back in Clevelend with the Memorial tour, when you were feeling sick. You still kicked ass as usual.. But formost as a friend.. Get better!!!

  8. Tiago Santos

    Boas…Espero que melhores rapidamente que é para poderes dar aqueles grandes concertos que os Moonspell já nos habituaram há muito tempo.
    Estou orgulhoso por espalharem a nossa cultura em todo o Mundo com todo o vosso trabalho e dedicação. Espero também ver-vos em breve no Porto caso tenham um tempinho para vir cá actuar 🙂

    Melhores Cumprimentos
    Tiago Santos


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